Our Mission

To serve as a time and space for women to pursue and obtain freedom from life’s everyday emotional pains, mental concerns and physical health maladies and intentionally pursue the desires of their hearts, through yoga.

Our Offerings


Create space to breathe, connect our spirits and thoughts with the inner divine combined with physical movement, through yoga and pilates postures.


Women-only, non-judgmental environment, in contained classroom-style environment.


Girls 11+, and women of all ages, sizes, fitness levels are welcome. Judgement of fitness level and/or body type is not tolerated.

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In U.S. inner cities, women are more likely to be plagued by economic challenges, health concerns, young pregnancies and other real-life issues preventing them from living intentionally and pursuing their dreams.

For many women, living on purpose and intentionally feels as if it is a luxury when work, family and career are priorities.

With providing the best lives possible for for their families, self care is neglected.


Freedom At The Mat classes are held at places where women congregate, especially those who need an outlet for healing.