The Experience

Prayer Sister Circle

Each class begins with prayer to manifest the desires of our hearts. Prayer is to the universal God, vs particular source beings.

Intention Setting

Each class emphasizes connecting thought and spirit with the divine and setting intention with the goal of manifestation and leaving one thing at the mat that session.

Yoga & Pilates Inspired Movement

50-minute Yoga & Pilates-inspired sessions designed to strengthen our bodies and keep them flexible for all life has in store for us. Playlists include jazz, spiritual & R&B music.

Designed for Heart Healing

Classes designed to engage the Heart Chakra, for healing and restoration of our hearts..

Manifest your best life possible

Freedom at the Mat is a safe space and appointed time where girls and women can stop to breathe and reclaim their destinies through mindfulness and movement.

In a group fitness experience, women pause and gain control over their minds and bodies in order to manifest their best lives possible through prayer, community, intention setting, yoga and pilates-inspired movement.

About Me

Olivia F. Scott

I’ve been passionate about health & wellness and God since I was a child.  Over the years, I’ve witnessed the impact of exercise psychosomatically on myself and loved ones. Yoga was an amazing healing agent during a difficult time in my life, and now is a part of my lifestyle.

My faith in God is the foundation of my life. So in my classes, it is my practice to integrate faith & prayer to God into our yoga-inspired classes. I am a certified yoga teacher, RYT200, and invite all to join me in the Freedom At The Mat community to reset intentions and live the full lives we were intended to live. When not practicing yoga, I’m leading Omerge Alliances, a marketing management agency, reading a book or on a new travel adventure! I’m a native Memphian, and longtime resident of NYC .