“After lots of internal changes and an unprecedented year, we booked a session with Freedom At The Mat. Olivia customized a corporate mindfulness session for our staff which was very impactful for all team members, including breathing, writing and showing gratitude for our team members. We found that staff members were grateful and more at ease after this session, which we hope has long lasting effects.”

Candace Montgomery, Vice President, Experiential Marketing, ESSENCE, NYC

“This year challenged me mentally, physically and emotionally, as my company was forced to go to complete remote operations in March ’20. Working at an investment banking firm during the stress of a pandemic, volatile market, computer glitches, frazzled customers & frustrated coworkers propelled me to look for mental rejuvenation. I booked a FATM session to escape from anxiety, and found an avenue to total wellness. The mindfulness sessions were crafted specifically to release stress, calm anxiety, and tap into inner peace. This was such a dynamic mental & emotional experience but it didn’t stop there. Olivia guided us through breathing exercises, journaling, and yoga that physically strengthened the body providing a holistic balm to combat stress, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, loneliness, cabin fever, and many other ailments brought on during this pandemic.

Chalaundra Bradley, Administrative Office, Vining Sparks, IBG, Memphis, TN

i started attending “freedom at the mat” during the spring session of 2018. the first time i registered, i was home with the flu, but i decided to go anyway because it was so close to my house. i’m so glad i did. halfway through the class, i noticed a change. my nose cleared up, my headache went away, and my body aches subsided. i was amazed. i also felt mental clarity. the sister circle was healing. i’m not a person that prays, but the prayer felt organic and comforting; not forced. olivia’s classes give you a mind and body experience and i recommend it to anyone; novice or veteran.

kristin maple, nyc

this yoga experience is like no other. olivia is welcoming and her spirit is full of light.  she encourages gracefully and provides a safe space to be who you are.  i loved how the music and the postures were complementary to the theme of each class. most of all, the connections i made with the other women in the class were priceless.  olivia has taken a very individual practice like yoga and has re-created it in such a beautiful way so as to feel a deeper sense of connection to yourself and one another. i highly recommend freedom at the mat, with olivia f. scott.  you will sweat, laugh and love how you feel inside and out.

melani st. pierre, nyc

I have to honestly say even only having 2 classes with you has truly changed me. I feel so much more dedicated to my self care and most importantly I am being unapologetic about it as I know I absolutely deserve it!!!! I will truly remember you always!

rebecca ramos, bronx