The 1440 Free Women Movement

1440 Free Women is our social impact campaign to mobilize women to reduce stress levels & risk of disease by being active, and prioritizing their wellness. Starting June 2024, we endeavor to empower & equip women to prioritize their self-care to reduce stress levels over one year.

Once our goals are achieved, we will donate $14,400 to Dress for Success New Orleans and Grace House of Memphis to support wellness efforts of women in restoration.

3 Steps To Being a 1440 Woman

  1. Buy A Mat
  2. Watch A Video
  3. Attend A Class

Once we achieve our goal, we will donate $14,400 to these organizations.


Because of YOU and your amazing support, we are on our way to reaching 1,440 Free Women. Since June 15, 2024, here’s our progress to date! We are tracking each new yoga mat sale, video view and class attendance. Once we reach our goal, which we’re targeting June 2025, we will contribute $14,400 to Dress for Success New Orleans and Grace House of Memphis! We are excited about our initiative and are grateful to you for your participation. Spread the word.